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AAC group on Facebook more Enjoyable :D

This is your Admin Yuni/Yumi Reporting for duty ^^ *hand salutes*
And I am here to tell you that, After few days of "GAPS", misunderstandings
and unorganized situation on Chatbox, Posts, and Comments, The Administrators
(which includes me) finally decided to make the Group a little livelier by changing the Rules. :) It's for the sake of everybody because lately, we get a lot of negative feedbacks telling us that, "Some Admins are Mean". For that, We greatly apologized.

Well enough about the flashback on the past ^^ Time to look forward
and MOVE ON right? :D... So Here are the Few changes :)

1.) The change in Rules :) (you can read it on the Group Description) XD
even an amin can also be lazy you know XD

2.) We added some games :) XD you can always check it out :D
here are some of the few catch-ups :D and the most popular ones as well :)


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