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Aka no Kakera from 07-Ghost by Yuki Suzuki

A thirsty voice crying out is heard
"Unfasten the darkness within the memory"

Always the final answer's choice
Would hurt someone
As you don't know what the truth is
To return to the brightness
You pass through thousands of times

The scarlet fragments that won't return
Grasping tightly, and continuing doubtfully
Until you discover the eye that reflects you

Born of hollow idle thoughts
There is no strength just to atone

Always lost somewhere
Fearing something without form
Again entangled in chains that won't be broken away
Struggling and searching
Crawling up through a continuing cruel time

The crumbling memory of snow
Reeling in closer, seeming to be broken
Until obtaining the strength not to hurt anyone

Hurting, to hurt, a world only of lies
If you can be forgiven, the door waiting for you will open

Hold tightly to the memory
To the journey without an end

The blue fragments searched for
Are overflowing at your chest
Hold tightly to the memory
To the journey without an end

Until you discover the seven souls and the eye

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