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Nodame Cantabile:Finale @ Animax

Shinichi Chiaki is a top student at Momogaoka, a top music academy in Japan. Born into a musical family, Chiaki is a very talented pianist and violinist and has ambitions to be a conductor like his mentor. An arrogant and perfectionist who is highly critical of himself and others, Chiaki has the phobia of flight which traps him in Japan.

He meets Megumi Noda or ‘Nodame’, an extremely talented pianist who prefers playing by ear to reading the music score. Unlike Chiaki, Nodame’s ambition is to be a kindergarten teacher. She is disorganized, bathes only once in several days, loves to eat and annoys Chiaki initially.

Nodame quickly falls in love with Chiaki, who takes much longer to appreciate Nodame’s unusual qualities. As their relationship grows, they begin to develop their musical abilities. Through Nodame, Chiaki gets to lead a student orchestra and also learns to be more appreciative of others’ musical abilities. Through Chiaki, Nodame also faces her own fears and enters a piano competition.

Join us in the light-hearted romantic comedy, Nodame Cantabile to find out how Chiaki and Nodame are brought together by classical music.

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