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Record Breaking CosplayMania 11' Via

  Will Cosplay Mania break the world record for the largest gathering of coslayers and otakus alike? Bigger than Anime Festival Asia (AFA)? Time will only tell... (Editor(Tueac) note: AFA10 have a total attendants of  71,000 and it's not the even in the record books... And Comiket attracts about 550,000 attendees, hmm...)


A line that will stretch more than a quarter of a mile on a straight line.

Wanna experience and hear how it feels to be in Cosplay Mania? Below are some videos.

And the winners are!!!

The winner of the Cosplay competition will be making their way to Singapore for this year's Anime Festival Asia 2011's Regional Cosplay Competition and they are,

Team M.A.R.C.H Omega's Zhel Guiral and AC Hernandez, with Zhel Guiral as Warrior of Light and AC Hernandez as Gabranth from the game Dissidia Final Fantasy. The above is their winning Skit at the Cosplay Mania 11'. (Editor(tueac) note: Congrats to Team M.A.R.C.H Omega on the win, will be looking forward to their performances this AFA11. And so the rep from the Philippines is out.) Also Watch out Kaname Fans! He is coming in next year.

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