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Tales of the Abyss @ Animax

On the planet Audlant, global war is imminent between the Kingdom of Kimlasca and the Malkuth Empire. Their conflict had been prophesied in the Scores, a complete history of this world from its creation to destruction once written on mysterious stones. It also predicts the appearance of a new savior-hero, who is a red-haired male child with the name of “the Light of the Sacred Flame”.

Luke fon Fabre, a son of the noble family who has been confined in his father’s palace for years, feels impatient and defiant like any teenage boy. When a beautiful young lady named Tear suddenly intrudes into his training session and attacks General Van, who he respects as master swordsman, the spoiled kid is spirited away and brought on a series of great adventures through this alternate-reality world of swords and sorcery.

Produced by Sunrise, the anime studio behind hits such as the Gundam and InuYasha franchises, the 26-part Tales of the Abyss anime series is inspired by the role-playing videogame of the same title.

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