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Hareru Michi ~Uchuujin (Omeera) Awaseru Kao ga nee!~ from Keroro Gunsou by JichoKacho

I hope tomorrow's a clear day
for both the weather and my heart.

I hope tomorrow's filled with laughters
for the earth, the universe, and me.

If you wait for things to happen
life is not fun at all(night).

If you work hard
something good might happen(come on yo).

A gold coin for a cat, a pearl on a pig's neck, the tailor makes a man, reading a bible to a horse's ear.

Hammering a nail into a grain, if you live long enough it becomes your hometown, 800 lies, a drifting kappa.

Poison for a globefish, a snare for an octopus, i don't have any noodle soup for you!

Doing the laundry, washing the bathtub and cleaning the hallway, little frogs should go back home!

All the useful things i've gathered..

If i turn those into dreams, then there will be a day when they become useful.

That is how we unfold the path of our lives.

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