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Cosplay for Love and Peace

“Cosplay for Love and Peace: A Cosplay for the Benefit of the Victims of Typhoon Sendong”


Organized by: Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) in partnership with SM City Marilao.
Date: February 11, 2012
Venue: SM City Marilao Events Center

Confirmation of pre-registered cosplayers: 11am to 12:00 pm
On-Site registration: 12pm to 2:00 pm
Karaoke Contest: 3:00pm
Cosplay Competition: 4:00pm

Typhoon Sendong Relief: Collection of donations in kind and in cash for Sendong victims which will be turned over to SM Foundation.
Commitment to Environment: Support of the SM Green Bag Project

Competition Details:

Registration Links:

Cosplay Competition -

Karaoke Competition -

Requirements to those who will join the Contest: All contestants are required to Buy one set of SM Eco Bag worth P35.00 (Pesos)

The bag can be used as a replacement for plastic when we shop not only in SM but in other stores as well. Let us replace plastic bags with recyclable and reusable bags.


• JPop Karaoke Champion - P1,000
• Best in Mecha - P2,500
• Best Male - P2,500
• Best Female - P2,500
• Best Child - P2,500

JPop Karaoke Competition Details:

1. It will be a competition among 10 contestants who would qualify on a first-come-first-serve basis.
2. They will be singing any Japanese song.
3. The criteria will be as follows:
• Voice Quality – 40%
• Stage Presence – 30%
• Costume – 20%
• Audience Impact – 10%

Iindividual Cosplay Competition Details:

1. There will be 4 categories for the Cosplay Competition:
• Best Mecha - all cosplayers who are cosplaying a Mecha.
• Best Female – all female cosplayer contest participants except Mecha and Chibi.
• Best in Male – all male cosplayer contest participants except Mecha and Chibi.
• Best Chibi – all cosplayers age 12 and below.

2. A maximum of 100 cosplayers will be accepted including those that had pre-registered.
3. There will be a pre-registration of participants.
4. All pre-registered cosplayers are required to confirm at the venue from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
5. All cosplayers should also SUBMIT 3 COPIES OF THEIR REFERENCE PHOTOS.
6. Onsite registration will only be allowed if the number of pre-registered cosplayers does not reach 100 or the cosplayer did not register at the venue by 12:00pm.
7. Each cosplayer will be given up to 2 minutes to perform.
8. Individual cosplayers can use human props and there is no limit to the number of human props as long as their performance will not exceed 2 minutes. A 10 point deduction will be made for every minute in excess. There will be a timekeeper assigned at the event to monitor this.
9. Acceptance is on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED basis.
10. For those who will SUBMIT A BGM PLEASE SAVE IT ON A USB. We will not accept any BGM on CD or Bluetooth.

General Rules:

1. Major prizes will be sponsored by SM City Marilao.
2. Dangerous stunts, metal props and other dangerous objects or props will not be allowed.
3. You can cosplay any anime, manga, game or movie character.
4. No member of the staff or organizing committee will be allowed to participate in the cosplay event competition.
5. The decision of the judges are final.
6. If you have any complaint please watch out for our feedback form or drop it at the suggestion box/feedback box that we will deploy during the event.


1. Judges will be announced during the event.
2. There will be three (3) judges for the event.
3. Criteria for judging will be as follows:

• Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) - 25%
• Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) - 25%
• Performance (catwalk and performance during the presentation) - 25%
• Overall Appeal (how the character can relate and involve the audience. The overall impact of the cosplayer. This will be judged by selected audience during the event.) - 25%

Baggage Area:

• There will be a designated baggage area during the event
• Baggage area will only be for cosplay competition participants
• Please remove any gadget or money from the items you will put in the baggage counter.
• The event organizer will not be responsible for any items lost.

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