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Alodia's Birthday Bash

Cosplay Showdown at Alodia's Birthday Bash on March 31, 2012, SM City North EDSA (4th Floor Annex Event area)! ♥ NO ENTRANCE FEE! :)

Alodia will also be preparing a cosplay performance for you guys! See you there!!! 


  1. The cosplay competition is open to any competitor entering a costume based on (but not restricted to) Anime, Manga, Video Games, Movies, Comics, Novels and Toys.
  2.  Registration will be on March 31, 2012 at SM City North EDSA, 4th Floor Annex Event Area from 11AM - 1PM.
  3. There is no limit to the number of registrants. But contestants performing on stage will be limited to 30 after pre-screening. Pre-screening will start at 1:15PM.
  4. During pre-screening, each contestant must be present with their costumes but they do not have to perform their skits. They will be judged on their costume and asked about their planned performance on stage. Top 30 cosplayers will join the catwalk at 4PM and perform their skits on stage.
  5. The contestants are required to bring a photo of the original basis of their costume. For on-site registrants, please prepare a print out (photo should be at least 5x8” in size). If costume is based on an original idea/character, there is no need for pictures. However, this must be indicated in his/her registration.
  6. Safety first. Bringing and using sharp weapons and blades are prohibited. If weapons are part of one's costume, this must not be sharpened and must not be realistic so as not to scare the public.
  7. Each contestant must prepare a stage performance with a duration period of 1-2 minutes. He/she may use the microphone and bring props.
  8. If there is a need to use a specific music or audio track, kindly burn it onto a CD and label it with the following details : Real Name, Stage Name, Character Cosplayed, Contact Number and submit this during registration.
  9. Each contestant is limited to 1 assistant to help with the skit on stage. He or she should be dressed in black.
  10. There will be four awards. Best Male, Best Female, Best Mecha and Hall Award.
  11. Those who are joining the competition and performing on stage are eligible to win Best Male, Best Female and Best Mecha. The Hall Award will be awarded to the best dressed who are not joining the competition.
  12. The winners will be awarded with cash prizes, gift certificates or items from the sponsors. Best Male, Best Female and Best Mecha cosplayers will win Php5,000 cash, gift certificates and items from sponsors. The Hall Award winner will win gift certificates and items from sponsors
  13. Criteria for judging is as follows:
Craftsmanship : 25% 
  • -How well-made is the costume? 
  • -Quality of materials? 
  • -Level of difficulty?
  • -Is it held together securely?

Accuracy : 25% 
  • -How close does entry look to the original reference? 
  • -Over-all coherence?

Performance : ??? 
  • -Is the performance in-line with the character’s persona? 
  • -How well is it executed? 
  • -Difficulty of performance?

Audience Impact : 10% 
  • -How well did it appeal to the audience?
14. No messy substances. Contestants should not leave trash or materials hazardous to the next contestants. (Eg. Oil, powder and other substances that can make the floor slippery for the next user).

15. Assembly area for the contestants will be at the holding area of SM City North EDSA, 4th Floor Annex Event Area. 

16. Participants should be at the designated places following the schedule of activities. Latecomers will be disqualified.

17. Any photos taken during the cosplay competition may be used for promotional purposes by the SM Cyberzone Management, event organizers, media partners, sponsors and Cosplay Circle.


Best Male : Php5,000
Best Female : Php5,000
Best Mecha : Php5,000
Hall Award : Sponsor Prizes


Ashley Gosiengfiao
Jay Tablante
Harvey Tolibao
Raffy Tesoro

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