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Sergeant Keroro Season 4

The fourth season of Sergeant Keroro welcomes back the lovable, amusing and disagreeing quintet of colourful frog-like aliens who have been abandoned by their home planet after a failed mission to take over Earth…

The series continues the amusing misadventures of the frog-like extraterrestrial platoon, led by titular mad-cap green anti-hero Sergeant Keroro. Always distracted by his obsession for Gundam robot models, love for karaoke, Keroro juggles his pathetic job of domestic helper in the Hinata family, and his often-ignored and ineffective role as platoon leader. Now he spends more time wielding a vacuum than he does the weapons of war.

Keroro’s dysfunctional platoon is made up of Private Second Class Tamama in black, Keroro’s only supporter who is adorable and gentle, but turns into a violent maniac when provoked; Corporal Giroro in purple, the team’s stern and deadly sharpshooter; Sergeant Major Kururu in yellow, the unpopular and insidious intelligence officer and inventor; and the skillful yet often-overlooked ninja-assassin in blue, Lance Corporal Dororo.

Complete with constant bickering and silly antics, Keroro’s wacky platoon members work terribly together, but combine perfectly as a bungling motley crew to bring endless laughs to the entire family.

Sergeant Keroro (Season 4) premieres 1 August 2012, airing Mondays to Fridays at 5.30pm (SG, PH, MY) / 4.30pm (WIB) 

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