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Little Battler eXperience @ Animax

Move aside, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Gundam’, it’s no longer cool to be enormous. Instead make way for the little robots of Little Battler Experience!

In this exciting sci-fi ‘mecha’ (robot themed) series set in the year 2050, children build, customize and play with miniature Little Battler eXperience (LBX) robots in battles. Our young hero, 13-year-old Yamano Ban, hopes to become an LBX fighter like his friends, but is forbidden to own one as his father was taken from them in an accident relating to LBX years ago.

One day, Ban receives a suitcase from a mysterious woman who tells him that the ‘hopes and fears of humanity lie within’. And when Ban opens it, he finds a strange new LBX. Unbeknownst to him, he holds in his hands the ultimate LBX <AX-00> model robot.

Soon he is attacked by organizations who covet this LBX. Now, Ban and his friends, each with their own unique robots, are dragged into a global conspiracy among corporations that extends all the way up to the highest positions of political power, and robot battles become deadly serious…

Also known as ‘Danball Senki’ in Japan, series Little Battler Experience is based on an exciting franchise that spans video games, toys and manga (comics) that will keep you coming back for more.

Little Battlers eXperience premieres 20 March 2012 airing Mondays – Fridays at 5.30pm, first and exclusively on Animax

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