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Naruto (Season 2) @ Animax

The blockbuster Naruto, based on the best selling ongoing manga series of the same title, is one of the most popular anime series of all time with an enormous following around the world. Naruto follows the titular adolescent ninja Uzumaki Naruto on his epic life of trials and tribulations to become ‘Hokage’, the ninja in his village of the Leaf, who is the leader and the strongest of all ninjas.

The exciting and action-packed series begins with the orange jumpsuit-clad, spiky yellow-haired, boisterous and determined Naruto, starting out as a junior ninja with his peers. Naruto has to overcome his lack of obvious talent with a never-say-die attitude to make the grade, while coping with an immense and deadly power sealed within his body since birth.

With his teammates – the headstrong and talented Sasuke from the elite Uchiha clan and the pink-haired Sakura Haruno – Naruto, together with his friends and aspiring ninjas are mentored by their seniors to be the next generation to take on the mantle.

In the second season of the anime series, Naruto and his fellow ninjas face their greatest test yet as their ninja village of the Leaf comes under attack by rival ninja villages of the Sound and Sand, and threatens to annihilate the lives as they know it. The series also sees the return of legendary ninjas of the Leaf Village, of whom one will go on to become Naruto’s new mentor…

Naruto (Season 2) premieres 21 March 2012 airing Mondays – Fridays at 4.30pm, first and exclusively on Animax

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